Endexam Apple ACTC 9L0-528 dumps pdf

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Share some ACTC 9L0-528 exam questions and answers below.
You are configuring an OS X Mountain Lion computer that will be located in a public space. You want anyone to be able to log in and use Safari, but you do NOT want their Safari browser history to remain on the computer after users log out. Which action will let the computer function in the desired manner?
A. Enable the Guest account for login.
B. Create a managed account with Parental Controls.
C. Create a Sharing Only account.
D. Create a Guest account.
Answer: ABD

Which statement is true of ALL THREE buses: USB, FireWire, AND Thunderbolt?
A. The bus can operate at speeds of at least 4 Gbps.
B. An Intel-based Mac can start up into target disk mode using this bus.
C. The bus can host at least 64 peripherals.
D. An Intel-based Mac can start up from a drive on this bus.
Answer: D

Which OS X Mountain Lion tool can help you create a strong password?
A. Password Audit, accessible from Security preferences
B. Password Assistant, accessible from Users & Groups preferences
C. Security Audit, accessible from Directory UtilityD. Password Checking, accessible from Parental Controls preferences
Answer: B

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