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Share some MCSD 70-480 exam questions and answers below.
You are creating a rotating image of a company logo. The logo must spin on a horizontal axis and on a vertical axis. You need to use the least amount of development effort to meet the requirement.What should you do?
A. Create an Image Spinner object, load the image into the spinner, and set the horizontal and vertical rotation properties.
B. Create a Canvas Globe transform and set the image as the globe object. Set the horizontal and vertical rotation properties.
C. Create a single Canvas 3D transform and load the image into it. Set the rotation properties.
D. Create a Canvas 2D transform and set the image to rotate horizontally and vertically.
Answer: C

You are creating a custom function. You pass an object named testObj to the function as a parameter. You do not use inheritance through the functions. The function must establish whether testObj inherits from another object named parentObj. You need to ensure that the function performs as required.Which method or operator should you add to the function?
A. parentObj.instanceof(testObj)
B. testObj.isPrototypeOf(parentObj)
C. testObj.instanceof(parentObj)
D. parentObj.isPrototypeOf(testObj)
Answer: B

You develop an HTML application that is located at www.adventure-works.com.The application must load JSON data from www.fabrikam.com. You need to choose an approach for loading the data.What should you do?
A. Add a crossdomain.xml file to the second server.
B. Configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on the servers.
C. Load the data in a JavaScript timeout callback.
D. Reference the remote data as an XML resource.
Answer: B

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