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Share some MCSA 70-762 exam questions and answers below.
You are a database developer for a company. The company has a server that has multiple physical disks. The disks are not part of a RAID array. The server hosts three Microsoft SQL Server instances. There are many SQL jobs that run during off-peak hours. You must monitor and optimize the SQL Server to maximize throughput, response time, and overall SQL performance. You need to identify previous situations where a modification has prevented queries from selecting data in tables. What should you do?
A. Create a sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks query.
B. Create a sys.dm_exec_sessions query.
C. Create a Performance Monitor Data Collector Set.
D. Create a sys.dm_os_memory_objects query.
E. Create a sp_configure 'max server memory' query.
F. Create a SQL Profiler trace.
G. Create a sys.dm_os_wait_stats query.
H. Create an Extended Event.
Answer: G

You are developing and application to track customer sales. You need to return the sum of orders that have been finalized, given a specified order identifier. This value will be used in other Transact-SOL statements. You need to create a database object. What should you create?
A. extended procedure
B. CLR procedure
C. user-defined procedure
D. DML trigger
E. scalar-valued function
F. table-valued function
Answer: F

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