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Share some HCNP-Cloud H13-523 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following Huawei desktop cloud-related manual to be able to view firewall open ports information between the TCM and TC?
A. TC product documentation
B. TCM user manual
C. TCM Installation Manual
D. TCM Frequently Asked Questions document
Answer: C

In Huawei desktop cloud, for the peripherals of USB interface, which the default priority of redirection is the highest?
A. TWAIN Redirection
B. USB Redirection
C. PS/SC Redirection
D. Camera redirection
Answer: B

Whhich of the following description about Active Directory is the most accurate?
A. A database
B. A database used to store user information
C. A database used to store computer accounts
D. a collection of storing user information, computer account, service configuration and other related object information
Answer: D

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